Vice- President shall chair the regional/ zonal committee of its respective region/ zone and shall represent their respective regional committee in every governing body meeting. The zonal/ regional office of the Society shall function through the Vice- President and its team (zonal body) under various posts as determined by the Governing body. Vice- President shall control and supervise the zonal/ regional office of the Society and have the power to make general directions and management of the affairs relating to the zonal office of the Society. The Vice- President shall also enjoy the following powers and duties:- 
  1. Vice-President shall summon and preside over all the meetings of the respective zonal/ regional office/ body. 
  2. Vice- President shall have power to call any emergent meeting of the regional/ zonal body by short notice. 
  3. Vice- President shall have the power to allow inclusion of any subject/matter in the agenda for the discussion in the course of proceeding/meeting of zonal body. 
  4. In the course of any proceeding or meeting of the Zonal Body, the decision of the Vice- President shall be considered as final (in case of dispute as to the meaning or interpretation or any rule) but the same may be deferred or accepted by the Governing body of the Society through its President. 
  5. In case it is necessary to decide any point/matter/issue urgently and there is no time to call the zonal body meeting, the Vice- President have the power to decide the point/issue/matter with the due permission of President of the Society, but he/she shall bring the matter to the notice of the governing body as early as it is possible. 
  6. Vice- President shall sign all the papers/letters on behalf of the respective zonal body of the Society, to conduct its special correspondences involving policy decision/ financial decision/ administrative and management related decisions of the zonal body of the Society. 
  7. However, Vice- President of the zonal body/ office shall be free to sign any or all of the memorandums for and on behalf of its zonal/ regional office but memorandum if any, for any of the zonal body shall only be valid if counter signed by the President of the society. Any memorandum signed by the Vice- President and if not countersigned by the President of the Society shall have no legal validity. 
  8. For any policy decision or decision related to overall administration, management and finance of the zonal body/ office or before signing any memorandum on behalf of zonal body/ office, the Vice- President shall have to take the prior approval of the President of the Society after the due recommendation of zonal Body. 
  9. To appoint/terminate such staff as may be required for effective & efficient management of the affairs of the zonal office, and fix their remuneration. 
  10. In the event of any office bearer(s) in zonal office, seat falling vacant, the powers and functions of that office bearer/executive member would vest in the Vice- President. 
  11. Vice- President will get the accounts of the zonal/ regional office audited (external audit) once in every financial year by the qualified auditor, appointed by the governing body of the Society. 
  12. Shall appoint a committee in consultation of President for the six monthly internal audit of the zonal office. And shall ensure that first internal audit in every calendar year shall not be no lesser than three months of external audit but within six months of external audit and the second internal audit shall be within six month of previous internal audit but not before the five months of pervious internal audit. 
  13. Can recommend for impeachment motion against any of the member of the zonal body, in the meeting of Governing Body.