1. All the funds of Society shall remain under the care and management of treasurer of the Society. 
  2. Treasurer shall maintain the books of accounts of all money, which is received and/or paid by him/her on behalf of the Society. 
  3. Treasurer shall produce all the books of account in every governing body meeting. 
  4. The treasurer will ordinarily hold a cash balance not exceeding Rs. 5,000/-(or the amount which may be fixed by the governing body of the Society from time to time) to meet the emergent needs relating to the Society. 
  5. All the cash excess of the above amount (or the amount fixed by the governing body) shall be deposited in any nationalized bank/banks, selected by the governing body of the Society. 
  6. In consultation of President, open and maintain a healthy bank account in any nationalized bank for and on behalf of Society. 
  7. All such bank accounts shall be jointly operated under the joint signature of Chairman, President and Secretary of the Society. 
  8. Treasure shall have no power for the direct financial transactions or investments but all the financial transactions shall be through the treasures after the approval of competent authority/ joint signing authority/ Chairman/ President, as the case may be.