1. Secretary shall be responsible for all the day-to-day activities of the Society in association with the President of the Society. 
  2. Secretary shall serve the role of coordinator and convener of the Society. 
  3. Secretary will summon and attend the meeting of the governing body and general body. 
  4. Secretary will prepare the Membership Register as well as the proceeding register to record the minutes of the proceedings of the governing body meetings and the general body meetings and have them duly signed by the members who attend the meetings. 
  5. In absence of President, Secretary shall sign all the papers/ documents/ letters on behalf of President of the Society. 
  6. With due permission of President, Secretary shall sign all the general day-to-day communications and letters. 
  7. For any policy decision or decision related to administration, management and finance, Secretary shall not be authorized to sign on behalf of Society or President.