Organizational Setup

  • Board of Management (BoM): - Quasi elected body which deals with all the issues of administration, management and policy issues and is apex decision making body. Chaired by the Chairman.

  • Governing Body:- Elected body which is responsible to run the organization and the preliminary decision-making body related to all or any matter related to administration and management and Chaired by President.

  • General Body:- Body of all the registered members which have active membership. It has no power to take any decision but plays a crucial role in decision making by way of submitting its recommendations to governing body.

JNV foundation aim to have representations from all the religions and regions from all over India, like north, south, east, north-east, west and central India. It comprise of Board of Management (BoM)- apex decision making body headed by Chairman, Governing Body- the preliminary decision making body related to all or any matter and is chaired by President, and General Body- also chaired by President. Governing Body has time ward tenure for three years and is elected (except Chairman and Vice- President) by a fair and democratic election process and comprise of one Chairman (nominated post, nominated by BoM from exclusively among the founder members only), one President, one Vice-President (nominated by Chairman in consultation with BoM and with due approval of BoM) in all regional zones, one secretary, six joint secretary (if Vice- President is not nominated in a zone then respective joint secretary will discharge its role and responsibilities), one treasurer and it is being assisted by one executive committee, one financial committee, one review committee and one regional committee for each region. Respective Vice- President chairs the regional committee and represents their respective regional committee in every (or as and when required) governing body meeting. In case of absence of President/ Vice- President, Chairman shall have power to nominate anybody among member JNVians to Chair the Governing Body meeting/ General Body meeting/ regional committee, as the case may be. All the posts of Governing Body except “Executive Members” shall exclusively be filled from among the member JNVians only who are founder or life members of the Society and the Chairman shall compulsorily be nominated exclusively from the active Founder Members only. If no Founder Member is alive then among the life members, active life member, senior by membership, not by age shall automatically be nominated as Chairman on the completion of the tenure of the serving/ outgoing Chairman, provided if he/ she fulfill all the criteria laid dawn under the para/ sub-para “eligibility for chairman” or if majority of then BoM decides, it shall be free to elect the Chairman through proper election process as mentioned at appropriate para of JNV Foundation bylaws. If seniority by membership for any two or more life members is same then seniority by age shall be the criterion for the nomination/ appointment of Chairman among such active life members. However, the tenure of Governing Body shall be of three years from the date of declaration of election result but the tenure of Chairman shall remain four years from the date of joining of the office, for the smooth functioning of the Society and for conducting fair elections and to avoid the situation when elections are declared all posts of office bearers shall not stand vacant/ ineffective. In such cases when the elections of governing body and nomination for the chairman falls in same year, the tenure of Chairman shall automatically stand extended by six months. In all cases, Chairman shall be responsible for conducting fair and timely elections, Chairman shall be free to appoint anybody within or outside the JNVians as “election officer or presiding officer” for conduction the election of governing body and for appointing “observer” for elections to be conducted in regional/ zonal offices, if required. The appointment of election officer or presiding officer shall not be for than a month from the date of his appointment and he/ she shall be responsible for conducting elections and declaration of results. Except the Chairman, permanent members of Board of Management and Vice- President, Governing Body stand dissolve from the date of declaration of election schedule but the Chairman shall continue to enjoy his office in his all powers. The appointment of election officer or presiding officer or observer shall carry no remuneration or honorarium and it shall be a voluntary service. Any person of social eminence or retired IAS/IPS/IRS/ officer of military and paramilitary forces not below the rank of Deputy Commandant, practicing lawyer having experience of 10 years or an academician not below the rank of Associate Professor or ex- Chairman or ex- President can be appointed as the election officer or presiding officer or observer. The tenure of election officer or presiding officer automatically stands over once it declares and submits results of election to the Chairman but the tenure of the Observer can only be terminated by the Chairman and Observer shall continue in the designated regional/ zonal office until Chairman calls him/ her back. Observer shall be free to overpower the powers of the Vice- President in his respective regional/ zonal office in case of zonal/ regional body elections are declared or any financial irregularity is reported. Chairman shall also be responsible for the oath of office for all the newly elected members of the governing body. If Chairman fails to conduct timely elections or fails to conduct election in his/ her extended tenure then the last outgoing President, in consultation and in agreement of majority of Vice- President from all the zones, Secretary and permanent members of BoM, shall call the BoM Meeting to remove the Chairman by impeachment motion and to temporarily nominated any member JNVian as “Officiating Chairman” or “Chairman In-Charge” till the elections are over in aforesaid manner. Normally, Chairman in consultation with the outgoing President shall be responsible for the election of the new governing body. Similarly, outgoing Chairman in consultation with then President shall be responsible for the nomination of the new Chairman and for the oath of office for new Chairman. Normally, a Chairman shall enjoy his/ her office till the time and date of oath of office of new Chairman. Any officer bearer, including Chairman, if removed by impeachment motion shall forfeit his/ her membership and membership right forever for life long and no such case shall be reviewed. And subsequently such candidates shall not be the member of any Body (like BoM, Governing Body/ General Body or any committee or sub- committee). All such cases shall be treated as permanently truncated. Further, in such case criminal proceedings may be initiated under appropriate sections of law. Furthermore, except Chairman, no office bearer of the outgoing Governing Body or of any ex- Governing Body can contest subsequent elections for any junior post to the post held at present or held in past. Furthermore, except the post of Chairman, no JNV can represent the office bearer for the same post for more than two terms of the Governing Body.