It shall have highest power and position in the Society. The decision of chairman shall be full and final. Chairman can decide and reject/ accept any or all the issues/ agendas as approved and forwarded by governing body. No administrative, financial and management related issue shall be competent unless approved by The Chairman. Chairman can also refer/ return any or all issues/ agendas approved by governing body for its referendum/ reconsideration/ modification before its approval with or without any specific reason/ explanation. However, Chairman shall enjoy Veto power to decide any or all administrative, financial and management related issue but as such cannot initiate any matter/ issue/ agenda nor can take any action at his/ her own on any matter except for initiation of impeachment motion against the President of Society and any issue related to the financial irregularities unless otherwise all such matters/ issues/ agendas are approved and forwarded by President of the Governing Body after the due approval of General Body and or Governing Body. It shall not be a compulsion for Chairman to attend any or all the meetings but shall have to be present and Chair the periodical meeting of the Governing Body. The contents of this para shall always be treated as one of the “core” terms and conditions and shall remain immune from any or all kind of future amendments.