Aims and Objects

The broader aims and objectives, which can be amended from time to time by governing body on approval of Chairman through Board of Management, shall be as follows:
  1. To create a sense of brotherhood, co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the member of the society, JNVians, alumni associations and also amongst the general public.
  2. To open found, establish, promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the alumni/ex-students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as defined as “beneficiaries” at para 5 under “Terms and definitions”. However, society will not entertain any direct case for any financial help and support unless it is forwarded by the respective alumni association or present principal of respective JNV but in exceptional cases where time is limited, it may directly consider some applications.
  3. To raise funds for various welfare schemes and activities of the Society.
  4. To provide a forum for the alumnus and alumni associations for exchange of ideas on academic, sports, cultural and social issues pertaining to JNVians.
  5. To organize periodically All India JNV Alumni Meet (AIJAM).
  6. To look after the general interests of the JNVians.
  7. To bring out publication for the fulfillment of the objectives of the society.
  8. To open regional/ zonal office in various parts of the country for smooth functioning of the society
  9. To perform all other acts in furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
  10. To extend the help to the current students of the JNVs through their respective alumni associate or directly by meetings, interactions, workshops, counseling, etc. to prepare them for the future competition in the domain of academics, sports, co-curricular and cultural activities.
  11. To act as a bridge between current students of JNVs and their “career and academic life after JNV” for the welfare of “beneficiaries”.
  12. To extend limited financial help for economically backward [should be enrolled in Below Poverty Line (BPL) card of his parents/ guardian] and deserving (should have proven record of academic or sports or cultural or co-curricular or vocational merits in JNV) JNVian as defined under “beneficiaries” on the recommendation of their respective alumni association or current or then Principal.
  13. To encourage the students from JNV by awarding prizes to National/ International meritorious students showing bright performance in the field of education, sports and cultural activities.
  14. Annually, by a national level function, to honour those JNVians/ alumni of any JNV who have achieved national or international level fame/ merits/ reorganization or social eminence.
  15. To promote and to assist every JNV to establish their alumni association under JNV Foundation.
  16. Depending upon the availability of resources and within the preview and scope of the Society, to extend every possible help to the alumni associations of all JNVs who agree to accept JNV Foundation as their umbrella body and abide by rules/ regulations and norms as framed by society (JNV Foundation) from time to time.
  17. To organize programs in different JNVs through their respective alumni associate who are the member of the Society, on the broader areas of “avenues and opportunities after passing 12th standard (class)”, “skills of cracking competitions and competitive exams”, personality development, interview technique and leadership development, education, health, science, arts, yoga, literature, sports etc.
  18. To provide a forum for the members of all the JNVs and or their alumni association to interact with each other to raise their issues and concern for the welfare of JNVians through “General Body Meeting”.
  19. To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards improvement of infrastructure for all round development of the current students of various Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya through their respective alumni association if such associations agrees and accept JNV Foundation as their umbrella body.
  20. To provide avenues for drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of the alumni for furthering the cause of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as a School of Excellence through their respective alumni associate if such associations agrees and accept JNV Foundation as their umbrella body.
  21. To create a forum for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya to exchange views and experiences and share it with the present students of the school.
  22. To foster linkages amongst the alumni and promote personal and friendly relations through meetings and get-togethers, etc.
  23. To provide guidance, training for limited number of JNVians as applicable under “beneficiaries” and as defined “economically backward” and “deserving” under para (xi) of this section.
  24. To organize programs for the entertainment and enjoyment of the founder and the life members of the Society.
  25. To organize tours/ trips for the entertainment and enjoyment of the founder and life members of the Society and all such tours and trips shall be paid and shall be limited to founder and life members of the society and their parents, spouse and two kids. Every member shall have to pay the cost as decided by governing body from time to time.
  26. To collect, publish and distribute such information as may be useful to members of the Society.
  27. To render assistance to students of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in any other area that is felt as appropriate by the Society.
  28. To help the students of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya by way of counseling/ workshop to develop an all-round personality.
  29. To encourage education, games, sports, yoga, etc. among JNVians/ alumnis through national and international level competition.
  30. To recognize academic, professional and other achievements of the alumni and the students, and to institute suitable awards for them through national level function as explained at para (xiii).
  31. To create awareness about important social issues and to help to develop a sense of national/ social responsibility amongst JNVians/ alumni, students and the society, through various suitable activities.
  32. To organize seminars, meetings, press conferences and other lawful gatherings from time to time.
  33. To work for promotion and dissemination of useful knowledge and advancement of any form of art, culture and philosophy as exhibited by JNVians.
  34. To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programs, as education classes, lectures, essay competitions, exhibitions, symposiums, cultural programs, press conferences and seminars, etc.
  35. To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to the JNV, JNVians and members of Society.
  36. To provide limited number of legal and medical aid, social and economic help and assistance to needy JNVians who are not covered under “beneficiaries” at para 5 under “terms and definitions” as special case, if forwarded by respective alumni association and or recommended by review committee of the Society.
  37. To undertake all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives.