About Us

It shall be the organization (Society) by the JNVians for the welfare of JNVians only (as explained under beneficiaries at para 5 of “Terms and Definitions”). It shall be non-profitable organization where no honorarium would be paid to any of the office bearers. To promote the motto of selfless service and to help the fund raising, all the office bearers (except Chairman), before taking oath of office shall have to promise a commitment amount of money by signing an indemnity bond and shall have to submit a postdated account payable cheque in favour of Society. The amount of all such cheques shall be according to their post and designations (senior post higher amount, lower post lower amount) which either they have to raise by donations or they have to pay from their own pockets for the financial securities of the Society. These cheques shall be returned to the concern office bearer if he/ she succeed in raising promised funds else it may be processed for encashment on recommendation of governing body and on prior approval of Chairman for recovery of the loss incurred, if any, in policy and planning due to false financial promise. Chairman has the powers to initiate sue motto action for encashment or for return of any such cheque if he is satisfied beyond the reasonable doubt that the financial promise was false and superfluous.