About Us

JNV Foundation is a non-profitable, non- government and registered organization registered at Delhi under Society Registration Act XXI of 1960 and it is working for the welfare of students and alumni of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) across the India. JNV Foundation is not just a name or an organization, it’s a national wide social campaign too, to wake up Navodaya alumnus to serve and return to back their Navodaya and alma mater for whatever they have received during those 7 golden years while being in Navodaya for their secondary education.
JNV Foundation is run by its governing body which is elected once in a three year by way of fair, transparent and democratic elections and its statutory body is governed by its bylaws, Acts and Statutes and Ordinances. Statutory body comprise of Chairman, President and Vice- President (one each in all regional zones), one secretary, one joint Secretary for each zone, one treasurer, and one executive committee, one financial committee and one discipline, one advisory committee and review committee and one regional committee for each region. All posts of its governing body are honorary and are filled from among the registered JNVians only. It is the organization of JNVians, by the JNVians for the welfare of JNVians. It being non-profitable organization, no honorarium is paid to any of the office bearers or the members. In fact, before taking oath of office, all office bearers shall have to promise a commitment amount of funds according to post of portfolio applied for, which either they have to raise by donations or they have to pay from their own pockets for the promotion of work of charity as covered in the aims and objectives of JNV Foundation. This practice will promote the motto of selfless service and will also help in raising funds.

It is a democratic organization of national level which belongs to no individual but to the public and its each and every decision is taken by its statutory governing body in democratic manner in its routine monthly meeting. No any individual is above the organization. Organization is supreme and it’s not the property of any individual or the group of individuals. Further, it’s a very transparent organization with its inclusive approach wherein all the original, noble and constructive ideas and criticism of every critic is welcomed. If at any point of given time, any one feels that any of the acts or decision of the JNV Foundation or of its any members is inappropriate or wrong then all such individuals are encouraged to register their complaint with its Chairman/ President or Secretary. We at JNV Foundation, invite all constructive criticism. Further, at any point of give time, if any one feels that organization is not doing as per their expectations or it is deviating from its aim and objectives then all such concerns should be properly addressed to its Board of Management (BoM) through proper channel. Also, JNV Foundation promotes all the alumni of all the Navodayas to become part of its management or to takeover the management all together and to do better as per their valued vision in its statutory manner for JNVs.

Furthermore, JNV Foundation aims to help JNVians in building their career and shaping their future after leaving JNV to secure professional success and respectable position in society and it also aim to serves as a platform/ mentor non-government organization for all JNVians. It is working for the welfare of alumni and the students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) across all the states of India beyond the boundaries of creed, sect, gender, caste, region, religion and mother tongue. We are regularly conducting free workshops and seminars on (a) career counselling, (b) communication skills, (c) emotional and stress management in adolescents, (d) personality development and (e) financial inclusions for higher studies and career development after passing 12th class, for the students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas across the various states of India. We aim to reach out to all the students and alumni of all the Navodayas.

Further, it promotes all JNVs to establish their respective Alumni Associations and it facilitate all JNV alumni associations to undertake student welfare activities in their respective JNV through its various schemes and programs so that alumni and students can connect in a better way. All JNV alumni associations would automatically be the member of this society/ organization if they agree to join it on the conditions as mentioned in its bylaws, Acts and Statute. JNV Foundation aim to have representations from all the regions all over India. Like North, South, East, North- East, West and Central India. However, we are represented by nine states as of now but we are still looking to diversify and to get more and more representation from all the regions across the India. If any alumnus has zeal to serve and return back to Navodaya family and is capable enough to spent from their own pocket for welfare of JNVians and have spare time to undertake all such initiative/ activities then (s)he is welcomed in JNV Foundation.
Every alumni of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya can join JNV Foundation if (s)he has not been debarred/ suspended or terminated from any JNV or from JNV Foundation and if otherwise found eligible as per the criteria prescribed in JNV Foundation bylaws. To join JNV Foundation you need to adopt the following proces:-
  1. Download and fill the membership cum registration form as available at “www.jnvfoundation.com” under the "registration" tab.
  2. Attach two passport size recent photograph.
  3. Attach a self-attested copy of photo ID cum address proof (any one of these- Aadhar card, Voter ID, driving license or passport personal particulars pages from both the ends or any other ID issued by government).
  4. Self-attested copy of 10th and 12th class certificate and marksheet (pass/ fail doesn't matter) and
  5. Membership fee of:-
  • (a) Rs. 50/- for annual membership fee or
  • (b) Rs. 1100/- for lifetime membership.
Send aforementioned documents along with the completely filled-in registration form at the corporate office address of JNV Foundation as mentioned in registration form by registered/ speed post. Membership drive remains suspended during the elections and it resumes after elections. Thus, it remains open until elections are declared and it again reopens after the elections.
Membership form can also be obtained by a mail request at “info@jnvfoundation.com”. For the payment of membership fee, annual maintenance fee (AMF) as applicable to life and founder members and for any kind of donations or any kind of payment, no cash is accepted. JNV Foundation encourage cashless transactions and you can pay either through account payable draft in favour of "JNV Foundation, Delhi" or directly account transfer to JNV Foundation bank account as per the details given below:-
Account name: JNV Foundation
A/C No.: 3980000100153310
IFSC Code: PUNB0398000
Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Branch: Anand Vihar, Delhi
Note: If payment is made through account transfer, please enclose bank receipt with your registration form else your registration form will be rejected.